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By Board of Directors 10/24/2022, 12:30pm PDT

***We have an immediate need for a Uniform Director!***

The Board of Directors is responsible for the operations of Southeast Valley Baseball Association and is comprised of volunteers. If you would like to be a part of shaping the league through the sharing of your ideas, talent and passion, we invite you to join the Board.

Time commitment: We hold weekly meetings from late January through mid-March, and monthly meetings in the summer and fall. Beyond that, the commitment varies depending on the responsibilities you are willing to assume. Some duties require attention before the season, but are done by opening day. Some are very light early in the season, but require more attention in May and June. Some require a steady commitment from start to finish.

Whether you can commit 4 hours or 44 hours per week, we welcome the help! The more hands we have on deck, the easier the tasks become and the better the experience for everyone.

Please consider being a truly rewarding part of your child's baseball experience.

Please email or reach out to one of our Board Members directly. Thank you!


By Board of Directors 09/26/2022, 7:30pm PDT

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